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Locust Trace AgriScience Farm is the home of a unique collaboration between FCPS and a public veterinary clinic. This clinic provides invaluable opportunities for FCPS students who think they might be interested in a career in the veterinary sciences. Although the clinic is open to the general public and every pet is welcome, there is an added bonus for those attending or employed by FCPS, a 10% discount on SERVICES (see website or call for a list of services).


Meet our Veterinarians


Jim Martin, DVM

Dr. Jim Martin has a lifelong love of animals and desired to become a veterinarian from his childhood in Eastern Kentucky. He has taught at Berea College as well as Eastern Kentucky University and especially enjoys working with students interested in veterinary medicine. He was selected as the Outstanding Large Animal Clinician in his class at Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine. Since returning to full time practice in 2001, Dr. Martin has opened five full-service animal hospitals, including Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic.




Barry Hays, DVM

Dr. Barry Hays is a large and small animal veterinary medicine with an emphasis on equine. Dr. Hays graduated from Auburn Veterinary School, Auburn University in 1977. Dr. Hays has had a veterinary clinic in Wilmore, Danville, Somerset and Nicholasville. He was a veterinarian for 3 different stockyards in Kentucky--- Bluegrass Stockyards, Garrard County Stockyard, and Somerset Stockyard. After selling his veterinary clinics in 2003, Dr. Hays practiced as a relief veterinarian in Florida, California, Alabama, and Kentucky. Dr. Hays now lives in Lexington with his wife Brenda.



Thank you to all those who helped the Locust Trace Vet Clinic win $5,000 in the Heska Inspiration in Action Contest!